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It can be difficult and time consuming to find good
accommodation while traveling in Japan.
We would like to welcome you to our small and
friendly inn.
It is a hotel near the JIGOKUDANI YAEN-KOEN
(Snow Monkey Park). When you depart, we will
take you to the parking lot.
However, please return by yourself.

(Snow Monkey Park)

Since 1964, JIGOKUDANI YAEN-KOEN loved by many people in
all over the world.
There is a parking lot in two places in
It takes about five minutes to the parking lot in
If you request it, we can take you there with
the car.
(Please ask the time of hope in the reception desk. )


Facilities Information

【TypeA】8 or 10 tatami mats

【TypeB】6 tatami mats

You can feel the real Japan in these houses.Sit on tatami floors, sleep in a futon.
Normal check-in is 3:00p.m, and check-out time is 10:00a.m.
Please kindly refrain from smoking in all facilities of the inn.

Onsen:100% natural Japanese onsen(spa)

●Indoor bath
・Cypress wood bath
・Original indoor bath

●Outdoor bath
9 public hot spring bath-houses +2 foot bath along the
street (free entrance for staying guests)

●Shibu Onsen
Here is a place you can experience nostalgic Japanese spa town Shibu Onsen was a long time ago called Hirao Onsen.
It originated in the year 1303, when priests from temples
in Kyoto discovered healing effects of local hot springs and have been coming over here regularly.

Please enjoy Japanese cuisine made with local ingredients.

Shinshu beef steak plan
cuisine is an example of

Shinshu beef shabu-shabu course
cuisine is an example of

The meal serving time is limited. Please note that if you are remarkably late to check in, unfortunately dinner may no longer be available. In such cases, the rate for dinner is not refunded as food has gone to waste. Please be sure to confirm the check-in and dining hours and don’t miss our fantastic treat!

Also, please refrain from bringing outside food or drink into the dining hall or restaurant as well as taking out food or dishes from the restaurant.


Senshinkan Matsuya

2222 Hirao street, Shibu Onsen,
Yamanouchi town, Nagano
ZIP 381 0401
Tel : +81(0)269-33-3181
FAX: +81(0)269-33-3183
If you have any questions or requests,
please send mail.

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